GODSPEED: A Faction-Based Deck Building Game

Battle with 2-6 players. Strengthen your base with crew, vehicles, infrastructure, and the power of the gods.

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Thousands of years ago, humanity faced annihilation. Hordes of the undead poured into the Earth, led by dark forces beyond our physical realm. Humanity, from all walks of life, came together against this threat. They fought, at all costs, to stop the dead from consuming the earth. Luckily, they were not alone – for every evil deity that struck their fist against this world, a divine hero extended theirs in our defense.

Humanity won that battle.

In this present day, evidence of this great war remains. Relics of the eternal forces are sprawled across every corner of Earth. An organization was formed in hopes of securing these legendary artifacts.

That organization is GODSPEED.

Global Operations for Divine and Supernatural Power Extraction, Elimination and Deciphering

GODSPEED is an international team that specializes in the unknown. Whether it's tracking down and securing a mystic artifact, making contact with a benevolent entity, or neutralizing a dangerous one – GODSPEED is on the job.

Unfortunately, the war also inspired others who more insidious intentions. The undead that were not slaughtered regrouped, and preached their message of darkness and carnage to those were willing to listen. Their agenda lived on, and from that agenda came the Necroborne.

While GODSPEED prioritizes preservation of peace, life, and history, the Necroborne believe it is humanity's fate to find unity in death and destruction.

And thus, the war continues.

  • Ages 13+

  • 2-6 Players

  • 30-90 Mins


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